Credit for Nose OP


Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Whether removing wrinkles, breast enlargement or tightening or a nose operation – if people are not satisfied with body parts, they are more and more often put under the knife. But financing is often not so easy to manage. A normal nose surgery in the country costs between three thousand and five thousand dollars – for many this is too much to pay for out of pocket. The solution to this is a loan.

Financing a nose surgery

Financing a nose surgery

The price of a nose surgery also fluctuates so much because the wishes and motivations of the customers are different. For purely aesthetic reasons, the health insurance does not pay anything, so the costs remain entirely with the patient. Classic funding is a loan for a nasal surgery. Some banks now offer certain health loans that adapt individually to customers. For purely aesthetic reasons, the operation usually requires banks to have a certain credit rating.

In addition to a normal bank loan, there are also other ways of financing a nasal surgery. An example of this is an installment payment to the clinic. However, these have the disadvantage that the term is only limited and the rate is usually too high – the financing is therefore not ideal for those affected. As an alternative, hospitals in cooperation with banks offer a special loan for a nasal surgery, which offers lower interest rates and compromises in terms of duration and rate. The clinics usually take care of the entire handling for the patient.


Some credit institutions do not have a general interest rate on the loan for a nasal surgery. Most of the time, the companies want to have an insight into the desired changes and start an initial calculation of the costs. Then there are often differences between the offered interest rates. “Medipay”, for example, offers loans on the Internet at extremely low interest rates. Up to a price of 4000 dollars and thus exactly in the price region of a nose surgery, no proof of earnings or pension is required.

A completely interest-free and fee-free loan is offered for the first 6 months. The installment rate and the waiting time can easily be determined by the customer. With a term of 12 months, the interest rate remains at a humane 2.4% – in whole numbers that would be just under 100 dollars in interest payments if the OP costs were 4,000 dollars.